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Connection Crew Social Impact Report

Welcome to our 10 year report. This is the story of how we employed 144 ex-homeless people to complete 67,943 hours of work in 10 years and more importantly, what we learnt.

Social Enterprise UK Impact Report

We are delighted to present our second social impact report. Like all social enterprises, we work hard to make a difference. We want to be transparent and open both in the way we operate and the way we report. This publication is part of that continuing effort. The report aims to make clear our achievements as a membership body and in aspiring to lead a wider social enterprise movement. We are also honest and straightforward about where progress can be made and where we haven’t got things right. In this report a year ago, we identified areas and recommendations for improvement. Here, we report back on development against those areas as we continue to try and learn and improve.

The Many Faces of Nonprofit Accountability

What does it mean for a nonprofit organization to be accountable? Nonprofit leaders tend to pay attention to accountability once a problem of trust arises – a scandal in the sector or in their own organization, questions from citizens or donors who want to know if their money is being well spent, or pressure from regulators to demonstrate that they are serving a public purpose and thus merit tax-exempt status. Amid this clamor for accountability, it is tempting to accept the popular view that more accountability is better. But is it feasible, or even desirable, for nonprofit organizations to be accountable to everyone for everything? The challenge for leadership and management is to prioritize among competing accountability demands. This involves deciding both to whom and for what they owe accountability.