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Measuring the Inclusivity

This paper analyses some of the current approaches and frameworks for evaluating ‘Inclusive Business’ impacts. It finds that while they shed light on the complex network of effects that businesses have and the ways in which some firms are attempting to contribute to development, they are unable to provide information about the actual impacts of business activities. More, higher quality, and less partial ‘Inclusive Business’ evaluations are needed to better enable us to harness the potential for business to contribute positively to development.

Social Investment Scotland Social Impact Report

Whatever the type of Social Finance, the concept to recycle money and put it to use again and again in support of those organisations which in turn support the most disadvantaged and needy in society is a powerful one. It leads to sustainability of financial support, spreads that money widely and ultimately leads, alongside good advice, to stronger social organisations. It’s surely a winwin if investment and funding achieve positive social and financial return both for investors and for the wider world.

HCT Group Impact Report

Welcome to HCT Group’s impact report, where we aim to set out the difference we have made to our communities over the past 12 months. HCT Group is the world’s leading transport social enterprise. Our founding commitment is to the role that transport can play in ensuring that the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society can access jobs, education, services – or even the simple freedom of being able to get out and about